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Thousands of women march 10,000 km across India for their rights

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Women attendding the dignity march
Women attendding the dignity march rfi / Murali Krishnan

Over recent months, thousands of women, especially from the rural outback, have walked 10,000 kilometers across India covering 200 districts in 24 states – to raise awareness about the prevalence of rape. The march finally ended in the Indian capital, Delhi.The march was intended to shine a spotlight on a culture of victim-shaming and blaming, which campaigners say has allowed perpetrators to evade punishment. It also highlighted the obstacles women and children face in accessing justice.Many women were happy that the #MeToo campaign had put the focus back on them considering they have been struggling to achieve for years.Murali Krishnan met up with survivors in an effort to understand the price for protesting against sexual offences and what it means to fight for dignity. Click the play button above to listen to the report. 

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