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Women mechanics grease the wheels of change in Senegal

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Ndeye Coumba Mboup of Femme Auto in Dakar, Senegal
Ndeye Coumba Mboup of Femme Auto in Dakar, Senegal Emmanuelle Landais

In Senegal, gender norms are being defied in the conservative country at the country’s first female garage.At Femme Auto, the only garage that has made employing female mechanics a priority, around half the staff today are women.But due to a shortage of qualified women, male mechanics are hired to make up the numbers.But none of the women there would have even considered a job poking around under a car bonnet, if it hadn’t been for its founder, Ndeye Coumba Mboup.Emanuelle Landais went to meet her and her team.Click the 'play' button above to listen or subscribe to our podcast by searching 'rfi international report'.

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