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Living with load shedding in Zambia

Audio 06:22
The Kariba dam and power station in Zambia.
The Kariba dam and power station in Zambia. Christian Heinrich/Getty Images

As daily power-cuts become the norm in Zambia, effects are being felt by households, farms and small businesses as well as in crucial industrial sectors such as mining.Zambia still relies on hydro power for almost ninety percent of its electricity.However, persistent drought has caused low water levels behind the country‘s main power generating dam, the Kariba.Power rationing, commonly known as load shedding, unannounced power-cuts and fuel shortages have had a huge impact on Zambia’s fragile economy, with both domestic and commercial customers struggling to get used to the new order.Kathy Short reports from Lusaka.Click the 'play' button above to listen, or subscribe to our podcast by searching 'RFI international report'.

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