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Mid-East Junction

What Tunisian olive oil and its history means to the Middle East

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View of olive grove near Hammamet, Tunisia
View of olive grove near Hammamet, Tunisia Rfi / Anne-Marie Bissada

The rising star in the world of olive oil, or liquid gold to some, is not found in Europe but in North Africa in the small and often overlooked country of Tunisia. Here olive trees are intertwined with its culture  and history for thousands of years. 


Production in Tunisia is considered to be the second most important in the world. It is also one of the most underrated country's compared to the big names like Italy, Greece, Spain, Palestine, Israel, Syria and Jordan.

But how did the olive tree wind up in Tunisia?

Find out in this month's edition of Mid-East Junction that takes us to a very overlooked powerhouse in the olive oil market.

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