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Rwanda - Bangladesh

Rwanda to send home Bangladeshi human trafficking victims

Rwandan and Bangladeshi authorities are working to deport 64 Bangladeshi men, victims of human trafficking, home to Bangladesh. Their suspected trafficker was arrested in Kigali earlier this week, police said Friday.


Bangladeshi Abdul Sattar Miah was arrested on Monday night in a hotel in the Rwandan capital, police spokesperson Eric Kayiranga told the AFP news agency. He had the passports of his presumed victims.

"Our immigration services are working with their counterparts in Bangladesh so that the victims can be sent back home," Kayiranga said.

The 64 men, aged between 20- and 50-years-old, arrived in Rwanda in October, having paid their own tickets to Kigali.

Miah initially claimed they were his relatives, and he wanted to set up a tourism company. They were housed in two houses he rented, which the police raided after a tip.

Kayiranga said the men paid Miah between 1,100 and 1,300 euros in exchange for the promise of "well-paying jobs".

Police are investigating the theory that they were being sent to Mozambique to work on farms set up there by white Zimbabwean farmers.

Miah was arrested in Mozambique in 2006 for smuggling in a group of Bangladeshis via Madagascar, according to Kayiranga.

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