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Libya - From our correspondent

Jailed underground for 20 years - Kadhafi's secret prison in Benghazi


Inside the military compound where Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi used to stay when he came to town, the people of Benghazi have found several underground jails.


“The guys hear sounds underground,” says one resident. “That’s why they made the hole like this. After they made this hole they find many people under here one of them has been underground for 20 years.”


The jail is a little sandy hill, in the garden, a few steps away from Kadhafi’s residence. There is a little hole, through which the prisoners were given food and water – just enough to keep them alive.

“He made many palaces here for himself and if he see anyone saying no to anything he put them in jail underground,” says Gabriel, who lives a few streets away.

Everyone here in Benghazi believes that there are several other underground jails all over the country.

“If you move around you find other places like this,” says Gabriel. “I never imagined it would be like this.”

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