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Air strike by coalition forces kills at least 10 near Libyan town of Brega

Reuters/Andrew Winning

There are reports that 10 Libyan rebels were killed in a coalition air strike on Friday near Brega. Witnesses claim forces loyal to Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi had managed to infiltrate a rebel group and fired an anti-aircraft gun into the air. The deaths come as Libyan rebels say they have taken the key oil town after fierce fighting.


The violence appeared to have subsided on Saturday on the outskirts of the town. Several residents told the French news agency, AFP, that rebel forces had recaptured Brega and were trying to to seek out a group of pro-Kadhafi snipers who were still active.

Brega has been the scene of intense fighting over the past few days when pro-Kadhafi forces returned after being driven out by the rebels.

Meanwhile, a conditional ceasefire offer from the opposition rebels on Friday was rejected by Kadhafi's forces.

Transitional National Council leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil said in rebel bastion Benghazi that the opposition was ready for a truce provided Kadhafi's forces end their assaults on rebel-held cities.

But in Tripoli, government spokesman Mussa Ibrahim rejected the offer, saying Kadhafi's forces would not withdraw from towns they control.


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