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DRC presidential election 2011

DRC's presidential candidates - who they are, where they come from

UN Photos/Martine Perret

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s 2011 presidential elections will see 11 candidates from across the vast central African country vie for the country's top job. They range from veteran opposition politicians to pastors, veterinary doctors and businessmen. The all-male list includes the son of former president Mobutu Sese Seko, the president of the Senate and a government minister. See where the candidates come from on our interactive map.



Jean Andeka Djamba
Party: National Alliance of Congolese Nationalist Believers (ANCC)
Occupation: Lawyer
Age: 49 years old
Place of birth: Dionga

Adam Bombole Intole
Party: Independent
Occupation: Businessman/Member of Parliament
Age: 54 years old
Place of birth: Mbandaka

Joseph Kabila Kabange
Party: Independent
Occupation: President of the DRC
Age: 40 years old
Place of birth: Hewa Bora

François Nicephore Kakese Malela
Party: Union for the Revival and Development of the Congo (URDC)
Occupation: Veterinary Doctor
Age: 55 years old
Place of birth: Kifuza

Vital Kamerhe Lwa-Kanyiginyi
Party: Congolese Union for the Nation (UNC)
Occupation: President of the UNC party
Age: 52 years old
Place of birth: Bukavu

Oscar Kashala Lukumuena
Party: Union for the Reconstruction of Congo (Urec)
Occupation: Doctor
Age: 57 years old
Place of birth: Lubumbashi

Leon Kengo Wa Dongo
Party: Union of the Forces for Change (UFC)
Occupation: President of the Senate
Age: 76 years old
Place of birth: Libenge

Antipas Mbusa Nyamwisi
Party: Independent
Occupation: Government minister
Age: 52 years old
Place of birth: Mutwanga

François Joseph Mobutu Nzanga Ngbangawe
Party: Union of Mobutuist Democrats (Udemo)
Occupation: Politician
Age: 41 years old
Place of birth: Kinshasa

Josue Alex Mukendi Kamana
Party: Independent
Occupation: Pastor
Age: 61 years old
Place of birth: Lubumbashi

Etienne Tshisekedi Wa Mulumba
Party: Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS)
Occupation: Politician
Age: 78 years old
Place of birth: Kananga

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