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Report: Uganda

African Union determined to take down Joseph Kony

Reuters/Edward Echwalu

The African Union has said that it is going to deploy more than 5,000 forces to hunt for the elusive and notorious LRA leader, Joseph Kony. The entire operation will be launched in Juba, with troops to be deployed from Uganda, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic. Ambassadors said this time around that they are determined to get Kony - even if it means killing him.


In a joint press conference, the AU special envoy Francisco Madeira and Abou Moussa, the UN envoy for Central Africa, said that the African Union is determined to end Joseph Kony’s atrocities by boosting the number of troops in the manhunt.

"The main objective this time around is to get him, whether alive or dead," said Madeira, saying that Kony will only survive if he surrenders, as peaceful means to capture him in the past have failed.

Madeira said that the troops to be deployed are well-trained in guerrilla warfare and are prepared for anything.

The United States and the European Union will also provide intelligence to track down Kony. Madeira appealed to development partners and the international community to help with logistics.

Madeira said that if Kony would still like to sign a peace agreement, he can contact the African Union and he would be allowed to do so.

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