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Report: Uganda

Uganda hits back at Kony-2012 charges with government video


Uganda's government is using social media to try to clean up its image worldwide after over 100 million people have viewed the Kony-2012 video. Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi has posted a video on YouTube entitled Visible Uganda in response to the Invisible Children organisation's film, which portrays Uganda as unsafe due to the activity of Joseph Kony's Lord’s Resistance Army.


The video recognises that in the past Uganda did suffer atrocities as a result of LRA activity and that similar atrocities are very much a reality in neighbouring countries.

“The government is determined, having suffered the ravages of Kony in Uganda, not to let any other country or communities suffer the same,” Mbabazi says.

But Uganda is now a thriving peaceful country and the peace, recovery and development programme implemented by the government has greatly assisted in the last years, the video insists.

“My Uganda is a country endowed with great resources and captivating natural beauty,” Mbabasi says. “My Uganda is a country that is poised to take off. We have registered success after success in the last 25 years and we are determined to build on this success to bring about in the next few years a new and prosperous nation.”

He invites people not only in Uganda but across the world to share their Ugandan experiences and he ends by saying, “That is my Uganda. Please tell us about your country”.

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