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African press review 5 November 2012

There are serious questions over the number of orphans in South Africa, as well as less serious questions over the most popular place in South Africa to cheat on one's spouse.


What is going to happen to the 3.37 million children the 2011 South African census classified as orphans? the country’s Sunday times asks.

According to a the census, the eastern province of KwaZulu-Natal has the highest number of orphans in the country, followed by Eastern Cape and Gauteng.

The paper takes a look at the answers the Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini gave during a parliamentary hearing on adoptions.

Apart from the long adoption process, which could take up to a year, the ethnicity of the child could be an issue keeping the adoption rates low.

The minster said that although there were many people who were desperate to adopt, some could be very "choosy".

"Race always plays a big part . Perhaps the couple [that intends to adopt] doesn't have a problem but their own extended family might [if they adopt a child not of their race]. You can't have a child growing up with grannies, aunties and uncles who are not accepting of that child."

Now to the Sowetan’s most popular story, according to the paper’s website.

It appears that Cape Town’s waterfront is the hot spot for cheating spouses. According to an infidelity website’s survey, a large number of people who cheat on their partners in Cape Town use the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront to conduct their "business affairs", a survey reported. Even more surprising is sheer number of Cape Town residents who took part in the poll : 5,020 people!

According to the article, the most popular of the "cheat hotels" is the One & Only Waterfront. Could it be the name which made it a hotspot for an "afternoon quickie", so to speak?

To Kenya now. A great song for a great cause (a melody for charity).

The Kenya’s Standard is celebrating two generous artists, Dennis Karanja aka Denno and Daddy Owen, whose song, Mbona, has won the talented duo the 2012 Kisima Artiste and Group award.

Mbona is a social awareness song with slow reggae beats and addresses issues affecting the disabled. The singer asks for tolerance from the society pointing out that disability does not mean inability.

Both singers, one of whom, Denno, is blind, have decided to donate their cash prize worth 18,000 euros to a charity, reports the paper.

Do you know what is the greatest secret to success in life ? If you don’t you should definitely flip through to the the refreshing life advice section in Kenya’s Daily Nation. What unites a great accountant, a great musician, a great cook and a fantastic singer ? The author argues that it’s not their talent, but rather their passion.

"Watch accountants at work," suggests the paper’s life coach. "Most are merely adding up columns and following arcane rules, and then collecting their reward. A precious few, however, are passion-play accountants. They absolutely love what they do. They would rather do it than anything else in the world. They adore the way the numbers behave when tickled".

According to the author, the same approach works for cooks, musicians, shoeblacks, biologists and business executives.

But how do we find the thing that will ignite our passion; that will preoccupy us for the rest of our livess and give us a shot at greatness, asks the author.

The answer, I’m afraid, is in the same column next week.

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