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Take a cook's tour of the world with RFI

AFP/Yadid Levy

RFI has published a cookbook that is a culinary trip around the world. Thanks to listeners’ own recipes, aspiring cooks can sample delights ranging from a traditional Cameroonian soup to a Jamaican Easter bun. You can take a trip around the world without even leaving home.


The Sound Kitchen Listeners’ Cookbook features 21 listeners’ recipes from around the world.

From Iran to Romania, from Eritrea to Canada, you can experience the flavours of exotic lands … all from your very own kitchen.

The idea for an RFI English-language cookbook actually started 20 years ago with my colleagues Rosslyn Hyams and Philip Turle, who read listeners’ recipes on the music and listener feedback programme, Club 9516. When I took over Club 9516 – now the Sound Kitchen – Rosslyn told me about those early recipe-collecting days and suggested I follow up on it.

And so I did … eh voilà! Here is the fruit of our joint effort: The Sound Kitchen Listeners’ Cookbook.

Dear listeners, dear co-chefs, let’s take a culinary voyage. Put on your aprons, get into your kitchen and take a taste. Life is endlessly delicious …

To have your copy of the Sound Kitchen Listeners’ Cookbook, enter the weekly quiz on the Sound Kitchen and request the cookbook as your prize if you are one of the lucky winners.

Bon Appétit!


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