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Report: Namibia

Hage Geingob wins in Swapo landslide, DTA beats RDP in Namibia

Hage Geingob is the new president of Namibia elected with over 86% of the votes
Hage Geingob is the new president of Namibia elected with over 86% of the votes AFP PHOTO/Jordaania Andima

The final count from Namibia's sixth general election, has given a landslide victory to the ruling Swapo party, which has been in power since independence in 1990.


"As widely expected the ruling SWAPO party won the elections with a landslide victory. The President -elect, Hage Geingob, won with over 86 percent of the votes, while his party, Swapo, took just over 79 percent of the votes.

The biggest upset of these elections were with the opposition parties. The former official opposition Rally for Democracy and Progress, RDP, has been relegated to third place, taking only three percent of the vote. The Democratic Turnhalle Alliance, DTA becomes the official opposition with just over four percent of the vote. Another surprise was the good showing by the Socialist Workers Revolutionary Party, which makes it's entry into parliament for the first time.

Although three of the parties contesting the elections challenged the use of the Electronic Voting Machines, which Namibia was using for the first time ever, all of them except one, accepted the results.

The Congress of Democrats, once the official opposition, described the process as a sham and has called for the polls to be nullified. However, the COD is a lone voice, despite the fact that the voting did not go as smoothly as expected with the EVMs.

The political landscape is not expected to change much as Swapo has always enjoyed overwhelming support and these elections were no different for the ruling party. Instead, it increased it's two-thirds majority. As expected, the mood is jubilant in the Swapo camp with party supporters celebrating well into the night at Swapo headquarters. This is in sharp contrast to the subdued mood within the RDP, which has been left reeling with its shock results.

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