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CONGO - France

French Socialist Party condemns Sassou Nguesso's third-mandate bid

Congo's President Denis-Sassou Nguesso in Brussels in March
Congo's President Denis-Sassou Nguesso in Brussels in March AFP

France's ruling Socialist Party has condemned Congo President Denis Sassou Nguesso's decision to hold a referendum on changes to the constitution that would allow him to run for a third term in office.


Nguesso has ruled Congo for 31 years, in two separate terms.

At present the constitution does not allow him to seek another term.

A Socialist Party statement this week declared the proposed change a violation of the African Union's (AU) charter for democracy and Congo's constitution.

It called on the United Nations, the AU and the European Union to intervene to prevent the referendum taking place.

Congo's human rights league slammed Sassou Nguesso's move as a "constitutional coup d'état".


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