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Entrepreneurship in Senegal, part 1

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M. Badji, the cheese man.
M. Badji, the cheese man. Yayemarie Ba

Finding local produce on Dakar’s numerous market stalls isn’t as easy at it might sound. Most of the time the origin of the piles of fruits and vegetables is unknown. Shoppers have no idea where their food comes from. To fix this, two ladies created a monthly Dakar Farmer’s Market in October which sells locally grown ‘made in senegal’ produce. The next one is set to have more vendors than before who find the exposure invaluable. Organic produce and cheese as well as home made ice cream and juices abound here in a community-focused environment. In the first part of a 5 part series looking at entrepreneurship in Senegal, Emmanuelle Landais explores the impact of growing and eating local.

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