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Entrepreneurship in Senegal, part 4

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Independence square in Dakar.
Independence square in Dakar. Wikimedia Commons

With the launch of its subsidiary Manko in 2013, Société Générale de Banques au Sénégal (SGBS) is one of the few banks that offers a banking solution to low-income earners usually working in the informal sector. Entrepreneurs and micro-businesses have traditionally been excluded by banks as they can’t provide a banking history or guarantees to get a loan for example. Only 6% of the adult Senegalese population has a bank account according to Société Générale (in Senegal). Now with Manko more than 6,000 people have been able to open an account or get a loan. The bank even sends out its bankers on scooters to meet with clients to save everybody time – because time is money when you have a business to run. Emmanuelle Landais went to meet with Manko and a small business owner in the suburbs of Dakar.

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