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African press review 10 July 2018

Peace breaks out between Ethiopia and Eritrea. South Sudan is seven. Peace talks continue in Khartoum. Cats take over a South African hospital. And a police officer in Uganda is the victim of daylight robbery while on night patrol.


The end of the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea is making front page news in regional paper the East African.

The deal signed yesterday in Asmara ends decades of animosity, periods of outright conflict and many years of cold war between the two countries.

The thaw began last month when Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said Ethiopia would abide by a 2002 UN-backed ruling, made after a two-year frontier war, and hand back disputed border territory, including the flashpoint town of Badme, to Eritrea.

Seventh birthday for South Sudan

South Sudan marked the seventh year of its independence yesterday.

An independence anniversary statement released to the press says President Salva Kiir is committed to the search for lasting peace to guarantee the security of all South Sudanese citizens.

The statement goes on to claim that the security situation is greatly improved in many areas of the country. And the government has promised to resettle all the refugees and internally displaced persons.

The United Nations says about two million of South Sudan's population of 12 million have become refugees in neighbouring countries, while another 1.9 million remain internally displaced.

Khartoum talks extended for three days

Meanwhile, according to the top story in the Sudan Tribune, the South Sudan peace talks currently taking place in Khartoum have been extended until 12 July.

The talks were initially scheduled to end yesterday.

Cats prowl corridors of South African hospital

The Sowetan reports that a plague of cats is terrorising patients at a South African hospital.

The report says dozens of cats are roaming the corridors and wards at Mmametlhake Hospital in Mpumalanga, eating food off trolleys and jumping on beds.

Concerned staff and patients told the Sowetan that the cats scour the halls and wards looking for food scraps discarded by visitors and hospital patients.

The animals have even grabbed food from the patients' plates.

It is not clear why the cats have been allowed to invade the hospital. Some staff members say they were brought in to catch rats; others say they are stray cats that have been allowed to make the hospital their home.

"This place is dodgy," says a 22-year-old patient in the maternity ward.

Swiss agree to return Kenya loot

Kenya and Switzerland yesterday signed a deal to help in the recovery of what the Daily Nation calls "corruption loot".

According to the Nairobi-based newspaper, yesterday's agreement clears the way for the recovery of assets acquired through graft and stashed in foreign countries.

The first assets to be targeted will be money stolen through the 2002 Anglo-Leasing scandal and hidden in Switzerland.

Last year, the European nation said it had frozen nearly two million euros held in Swiss banks in the wake of the Anglo-Leasing scam which involved the false procurement of voting and forensic equipment.

Switzerland, a nation keen to lose its image as a safe haven for ill-gotten gains, last month confirmed it had repatriated a total of one billion euros to Nigeria, part of the looted assets of former military ruler Sani Abacha.

Police officer robbed at gunpoint

The authorities in Uganda are searching for a gun stolen from a top district cop.

Kyotera District Police Commander Musa Kayongo says that while he was on night foot patrol in Kalisizo Town last Thursday, on the eve of President Yoweri’s Museveni’s visit, two men dressed in army uniform, claiming to belong to the Special Forces Command Unit, asked him to give them the gun.

The officer reportedly handed over the pistol because, traditionally, only members of the Special Forces Command are allowed to carry loaded guns near the head of state.

After realising that the men were not Special Forces soldiers, the unfortunate officer was obliged to register the theft of his weapon at Kalisizo Police Station.

An investigation is in progress.


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