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Afghan poll candidate escapes death, Obama signs war funding


A motorcycle bomb killed a woman and a child in the southern Afghan city of Afghanistan on Friday. The target was a candidate campaigning for the forthcoming general election, police say. The attack comes after President Barack Obama signed a bill which will pay for the troop surge in the country.


The motorbike exploded in a city centre alley just minutes after the candidate passed through it, killing a woman and a child and wounding another child, local police say.

Last Friday another election candidate Sayedullah Sayed was killed when a mosque was bombed in the south-eastern Khost province.

Three foreign soldiers were killed in two separate bombings on Thursday, according to Nato’s International Security Assistance Force, bringing this year’s death toll of foreign troops to 408.

Eighty-six have been killed in July, lower than 102 in June which saw the highest military casualties since the end of 2001.

In Washington Thursday President Barack Obama signed a bill authorising the spending for his troop surge in Afghanistan.

The bill authorised nearly 59 billion dollars (45 billion euros) of spending, including:

  • 37 billion dollars (28 billion euros) for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan;
  • 5.1 billion dollars (3.9 billion euros) for natural disaster response in the US;
  • 2.9 billion dollars (2.2 billion euros) for earthquake relief in Haiti;
  • 13.4 billion dollars (10.2 billion euros) for Vietnam war veterans exposed to the defoliant Agent Orange.

The funding, which faced limited opposition in Congress after this week's WikiLeaks revelations, brings the amount the US congress has authorised for the wars to over one trillion dollars.

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