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Costa Rica - Nicaragua

OAS calls for talks over Google Maps border dispute

Google maps

The Organisation of American States (OAS) has urged Costa Rica and Nicaragua to pull out their troops from a conflict zone and to settle a border dispute which blew up after an alleged error by Google Maps.



After 10 days of intense talks, the OAS adopted a resolution urging both countries to "avoid deployments of the armed forces or security forces in the area where their presence could generate tensions".

Last month, Costa Rica complained that Nicaraguan troops had violated the border by starting a dredging operation around Calero Island, a small section of land on the Atlantic coast by the San Juan river.

It also claimed that the dredging was environmentally harmful and accused Managua of harassing its troops in the area.

Nicaragua denied the charges and insisted that the island is its territory.

The Nicaraguan official in charge of the dredging project told a Costa Rican newspaper he used Google Maps to decide where the work should be done.

Google says that it made an error and has pledged to correct the map according to the terms of a border treaty agreed over 100 years ago.

The OAS has called for a meeting between the two sides before the end of the month.



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