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Killer tornado rips through state of Missouri

Reuters/Aaron Kafton

A massive tornado which swept through the US state of Missouri on Sunday has killed at least 89 people. The tornado, the deadliest of 46 reported to the National Weather Service in seven states, struck the town of Joplin near the border with Oklahoma and Kansas on Sunday evening. 


Less than a month ago, an horrific outbreak of tornadoes left 354 dead across seven states in the US.

Witnesses say people clawed through rubble in the search for family and friends after the storm tore apart buildings and turned cars into crumpled heaps of metal.

Flames and thick black smoke poured out of the wreckage of shattered homes and water gushed from broken pipes as shocked survivors surveyed the damage.

The White House said in a statement on Monday that President Barack Obama had
been monitoring reports about the devastation and the rescue efforts during his flight overnight to Ireland.

"The president received multiple updates on the tornado damage throughout the course of the flight. He instructed his staff to keep him updated and to stay closely coordinated with state and local officials going forward," the statement said.

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