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Random Recipe - energy and ambition from Quebec

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Random Recipe, a four-piece band from the French-speaking province of Quebec in Canada, have energy to burn and big aspirations.


"We don't just want to be a little band, we want to climb up that ladder and go as far and funny as we can make it," says lead vocalist Frannie.

Their quirky mix of beatbox and foreign languages has seen them rise from busking on the streets of Montreal for pizza to playing for the British royal couple, William and Kate, in last year's Canada Show.

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They make urban music, "a mix of the kind of stuff people of our generation listen to", explains Frannie.

So a good smattering of hip-hop and beatbox. But beatboxer Fab says one doesn't necessarily lead to the other. It's more about feeling the rhythm of the music. Artists like Louis Armstrong developed scat, an earlier form of beatbox, she tells us, and she's been inspired by an early 20th-century Canadian folk singer known as La Bolduc.

"She mastered a form of scat and beatbox with less bass, a very folkloric kind of style and she travelled, even played for the president in the US," Frannie says. "All these inspirations mean I don't necessarily associate beatbox with hip-hop absolutely. It mixes with everything and I would like to try beatbox in an orchestra for classical music."

Random Recipe end their French tour on Sunday evening at the Vieilles Charues festival in Britanny, western France. They'll be performing from their debut album Fold it, Mold it and, if they're cheeky enough, doing a nifty cover version of Portishead's Glory Box .... in front of the British band itself.

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