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France - United States

France offers help to US after Hurricane Sandy


France offered to help the storm-struck US on Tuesday after Hurricane Sandy devastated much of the American east coast, killing over 30 people and causing billions of dollars-worth of damage.


Frtench Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius said he was ready to give the American authorities “whatever help they feel is necessary”, in a statement, declaring his “full solidarity” with the American people and those of the Caribbean.

He also recommended the “greatest prudence” to French citizens living in the region.

About 65,000 French nationals live in the north-east of the US:

  • 35,000 in New York;
  • 15,000 in Washington;
  • 8,000 in Boston;
  • 7,000 in Atlanta.

The storm has caused the deaths of 67 people in the West Indies, at least 31 in the US and one in Canada.

Estimates of the cost to the economy have been as high as 50 billion dollars (38 billion euros).

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