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Macron accuses Maduro of creating ‘dictatorship’ in Venezuela

Emmanuel Macron has condemned Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's regime.
Emmanuel Macron has condemned Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's regime. REUTERS/Yoan Valat/Pool

French President Emmanuel Macron accused Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro of creating a ‘dictatorship’. “A dictatorship is trying to survive at an unprecedented humanitarian cost, even though the resources of the country remain significant,” Macron said of Maduro's government during a key foreign policy speech in Paris on Monday.


Macron’s condemnation of Maduro is one of the harshest yet of the Venezuelan regime by a European leader.

Maduro has overseen the creation of a new loyalist national assembly, a major clampdown on the independent media and the sacking of the country's top justice official.

Clashes during protests against his rule claimed 125 lives this year, according to prosecutors.

The European Union has so far backed away from adopting any sanctions on the Venezuelan government, but it does not recognise the new national assembly as legitimate and has warned it might take action.

US President Donald Trump has condemned the Maduro “dictatorship” and even threatened a “military option.”

Last week, he imposed fresh sanctions aimed at choking off the country’s access to American financial markets.

Venezuelan assembly to try opposition leaders for treason

Venezuela’s all-powerful new constituent assembly said on Tuesday it will hold treason trials for opposition leaders it said are promoting economic sanctions imposed by the United States.

The assembly approved a decree in which it announced a “historic” trial against “those who involved in promoting these immoral actions against the interests of the Venezuelan people.”

Venezuela, which has the world's largest proven reserves of crude oil, has blamed the US government for its economic woes which have resulted in shortages of food and medicine.

Venezuela accuses Macron of ‘interference’

Venezuela accused President Macron of “interference” in its affairs after he said President Maduro had created a “dictatorship” in the crisis-hit country.

Venezuela’s foreign ministry expressed its “firm rejection of the deplorable comments” by Macron.

“They constitute clear interference in the internal affairs” of Venezuela, it said in a statement.

“They are an assault on Venezuela’s institutions and appear driven by the constant imperial obsession with attacking our people,” it stated.

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