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Thousands protest against President Macron’s reforms

Protesters march in Paris against President Emmanuel Macron's reforms.
Protesters march in Paris against President Emmanuel Macron's reforms. JACQUES DEMARTHON / AFP

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Paris and other cities in France to protest against the reforms undertaken by President Emmanuel Macron. The call for the ‘popular tide’ demonstrations was given by fifty unions, political parties from the Left and different associations.


In Paris, protesters which included railway workers, airport employees, students and political activists began their march from the Gare de l’Est towards the Bastille square.

Pierre Laurent, General Secretary of the communist party PCF said that the social anger was rising. He addressed the crowds, saying: “When we have power so arrogant, so authoritarian in his methods, if the country does not show its strength and unity, we will not be able to push the boundaries.”

Several dozen people were arrested at the start of the demonstration at the Place de la Bastille.

Police said some carried weapons, while others were held violent acts.

On the other hand, Macron said on Friday that the protests “won’t stop” his progress.

“I won’t preside in light of the polls or demonstrations, because we have done too much of that,” (in the past) he said.

There were demonstrations in other cities including Marseille and Lyon.

The latest protests come just four days after French public sector workers went on a day’s strike against the reforms.

Air traffic controllers, street sweepers librarians and teachers joined the already striking rail workers in striking to protest against the government’s policies.


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