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Taliban straps bombs to "spies" in public execution


Taliban militants strapped bombs to two Pakistani tribesmen they accused of spying for the United States and detonated them in a public execution on Friday. The incident took place in the Degan area of North Waziristan, which has received increased US attention for its suspected al-Qaeda links and Taliban activities.


The two tribesmen were accused of passing on information to the Americans that led to US missile strikes.

"Masked Taliban strapped improvised explosive devices to the bodies if two alleged spies and blew them up in public," local police official Khalil Khan told the AFP news agency.

The Taliban called on locals to witness the execution late on Thursday and threatened anyone "spying" for the US with the same fate.

Locals said it was the first time bombs have been used in such executions. The Taliban frequently kidnap tribesmen along the tribal belt near the Afghan border, but usually kill them by other means.

US missile attacks in the area killed up to 24 militants over the past month, following the arrest of Pakistani-American Faisal Shahzad for attempting to plant a car bomb in Times Square in New York City at the beginning of May.

Shahzad allegedly told interrogators he underwent bomb training in Waziristan.

Washington considers the Afghan-Pakistani border region to be a global headquarters of al-Qaeda. The area has been the site of heavy US attacks and drone strikes for several months.

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