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Slideshow - The hidden beauty of wartorn Afghanistan

Tony Cross/RFI

Afghanistan has suffered decades of war, with the destruction that brings. Its climate can be extreme and much of the country is arid semi-desert. But it also has a rich history and a resilient people. During my visits there, I photographed some of the beautiful places - created by both man and nature - and some Afghans going about their daily lives. 


Slideshow: Beauty in a wartorn land
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Some of the country's monuments - particularly the mosques - have survived war and efforts have been made to save some of those which have been damaged.

The historic Babur Shah gardens in Kabul have been restored by the Aga Khan Trust, after being devastated by the clashes between mujahedeen factions after the Soviet witdrawal.

Stunning mosques survive in Herat and Mazar-i-Sharif.

And, away from the blast walls and kalashnikov-toting security guards, there is beauty in the private gardens of Kabul, the colourful markets selling local fruits and vegetables and the lively streets, crowded with people selling anything from kebabs to underwear.

Some of these can be seen in the slideshow and I promise to put more photos on the website when I visit Afghanistan again this September.

To see a slideshow of People of Kabul, click here.

Maybe the long-suffering Afghans will win peace one day and be able to rescue more of their country's heritage.



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