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Bus crash in Philippines kills 40

Photo. Reuters

A packed passenger bus plunged into a deep ravine in the northern Philippines on Wednesday kiling forty people on impact.


Local fire chief Senior Superintendent Richard Villanueva said brake failure was the cause of the accident.

"Six other passengers were rescued seriously injured and unconscious, while the rest [were] rescued with injuries," he said.

The bus driver, John Patrick Flores, said he tried to crash the vehicle into a mango tree to prevent it from falling but failed.

The bus conducter said he survived the accident by jumping out of the door before the vehicle plunged into the ravine.

Police Senior Inspector Leo Guay led the search and retrieval operations. He said the destroyed vehicle rested on its side on a shrub-covered slope making it difficult for rescuers to retrieve bodies.

Road accidents, often involving old buses and careless drivers, are frequent in the mountainous regions of the Philippines.

Fifteen people were killed last month when a bus slammed into a concrete wall in Cebu, the Philippines' second biggest city.

Twenty-one people were killed a month earlier, also in Cebu, when a bus fell off a cliff.


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