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Police say hijacker killed Hong Kong tourists


All the bullets that killed eight Hong Kong tourists in Monday's Manila hijacking came from the gun of the hijacker, according to a police inquiry. A fifth police officer has been suspended over the much-criticised rescue operation.


The initial findings were based on witness accounts, testimony of the police involved and bullets that had been found on the bus, national police spokesman Senior Superintendent Agrimero Cruz said Thursday.

The inquiry into the rescue attempt is still ongoing and final conclusions have not been made, he said.

Meanwhile a senior policeman was suspended on Friday for joining the operation without permission, following four earlier suspensions.

Nelson Yabut was seen on live television taking part in Monday’s mistake-ridded raid of a bus in which the tourists were being kept, but he was not wearing a helmet, Kevlar vest or other protective gear.

Manila police Chief Director Leocadio Santiago explained that Yabut was suspended because he was seen on TV, in an area where he wasn’t supposed to be.

Yabut was the fifth police offficer engaged in the assault on the bus to be suspended.

Yabut briefed the media immediately after the incident and described himself as the assault team’s leader

When speaking to reporters, Yabut held a pistol that he said he had picked up off the bus and belonged to ex-policeman Ronaldo Mendoza.


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