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North Korea

North Korean party meeting delayed due to floods


North Korea's ruling party is delaying a key party meeting due to damage from the typhoon and subsequent flooding, according to South Korean reports Wednesday. South Korea said that the meeting had been scheduled for the beginning of September, but they had no indication whether it had started.


The Workers' Party of Korea meeting would have been the first of its kind in three decades, but Seoul's Yonhap news agency quoted a North Korean source saying that authorities indicated such an important gathering could irritate flood victims.

The conference was expected to discuss who would eventually replace Kim Jong-Il, 68. Kim suffered a stroke in 2008 and has reportedly been looking to replace himself with his youngest son Kim Jong-Un.

"Only when the successor to the leader is selected properly can the leader's ideas and revolutionary exploits be firmly maintained and successfully developed," said a post on the Kim Il-Sung Broadcasting University website.

The extremely reclusive country has a tight reign on the media. The North Korean state news agency did release a figure that dozens of people were killed when Typhoon Kompasu swept through the Korean peninsula on 2 September.

There has been no indication as to when the meeting would take place.

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