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The Club 9516 Sound Kitchen

Sharing music with the spirits of the forest

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Boris Lelong

What happens when you learn music from fairies while you sleep? Come along with host Susan Owensby and meet the women who do … the artisan/musicians of the Lemhadong Collective, from the Philippines. There’s music from the winner of this year’s RFI Discovery Prize, Ugandan Maurice Kirya - and of course, the quiz!


Hello everyone!

Remember the summer special with DJ Doug? (If you missed it, you can always find it here on the Sound Kitchen archives page.)

I’ve had such good feedback about the programme that I want to have him on the show on a regular basis – but with your participation. Send in themes for him to develop, musically – it could be “Sunday morning in front of Lake Victoria in Uganda”, “A summer evening in the Himalayas”, “A wedding in Jamaica” – the only limit is your imagination. Send in your ideas, and let’s see what he’ll come up with. Put DJ Doug to work!

I still want you to crowd into the kitchen and cook with me … I want you to write and tell me about people in your community who are doing good things, for a regular feature on the Club 9516/Sound Kitchen about “ordinary” heroes – the people in your community who are trying to make the world a better place.

And I am still looking for your letters about the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you, or that you’ve seen … or, your favourite guilty pleasure – mine’s chocolate - or your favourite day-off thing to do. Share your proudest achievement with us all – and send in your musical requests and dedications, too.

And then the all-important recipes and proverbs: get ‘em in! As I’ve been telling you, we’re going to put together a Sound Kitchen listener cookbook, filled with your recipes - and your proverbs, too. We won’t put the book together for awhile, so there’s still time to be included. If you contribute, you will be the first to receive a Sound Kitchen Cookbook. Later, we can use it as a prize for the quiz.

So, to your pens! Include a phone number, if you can. I’d like to call you and put you on-the-air – and send you an RFI CD. If you go on-the-air, you get a CD of music chosen by the RFI musical team - so don’t be shy!

Send your thoughts to me at:
or, of course, via “real” mail to:

Susan Owensby
Club 9516 / The Sound Kitchen
B.P. 9516
75016 Paris, FRANCE

I look forward to hearing from you.



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