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Qantas superjumbo makes emergency landing after engine trouble

Reuters/ Vivek Prakash

The Australian airline Qantas has grounded all its A 380 superjumbos after one made a dramatic emergency landing in Singapore, trailing smoke from a damaged engine. No one was injured in the accident, the first involving an Airbus superjumbo.


The double-decker plane had taken off from Singapore and was bound for Sydney with 433 passengers onboard. One of the engines failed, forcing the pilot to dump fuel over Indonesia and proceed to an emergency landing.

The plane landed safely at Changi Airport in Singapore, where it was sprayed with liquid.

One of the engines of the plane’s left wing was blackened and its rear casing was missing.

Metal debris belonging to the plane was found in the Indonesian city of Batam, opposite Singapore. Witnesses describe hearing a loud explosion in the sky, and seeing the superjumbo circling in the sky and waiting to land.

A passenger on board the plane says he heard a loud boom and saw fire on board the plane.

"We heard the boom, I looked outside and saw a little bit of fire," German pssenger Ulf Waschbusch told AFP.

"Something ruptured the left wing, it was a small rupture," said the technology company executive.


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