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Cambodia - Thailand

Thai-Cambodian truce at temple site


Thailand and Cambodia have agreed a ceasefire after at least four people were killed in clashes near a disputed temple. One Thai soldier was killed on Saturday morning in brief skirmishes near the Preah Vihear temple.


Military commanders from both sides met for talks in a border town and agreed to end hostilities, although the Cambodians say that the situation is still tense

The truce followed Friday’s two hours of heavy fighting that left a Cambodian soldier and a Thai civilian dead.

Military sources said a Cambodian civilian who made a living photographing tourists had also been killed in Friday's clash, although the Cambodian government has not confirmed this.

Reports from the border suggested four captured Thai soldiers were returned following the ceasefire talks. Both sides have reported injured troops.

Thousands of civilians fled the border area on Friday.

Both countries have accused the other of starting the latest violence and using heavy weapons such as mortars, rockets and artillery.

Cambodian Foreign Minister Hor Namhong has written to the United Nations, complaining of an "explosive situation at the border and "flagrant aggression" by Thai troops.

Thailand, which convened an urgent security meeting on Saturday afternoon, has said it was also considering filing a complaint to the UN.

Thailand has accused Cambodia of shelling a village. Cambodia accused Thai armed forces fired artillery shells about 20 kilometres inside Cambodian territory and claimed that the 11th-century temple, which is a flashpoint between the two countries, has suffered "serious" damage.

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