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Attack in restive south kills security officers

Reuters/Surapan Boonthanom

A roadside blast in the south of Thailand has killed five security officers travelling to the scene of a fatal shooting, The deaths come amid a spike in attacks during the holy month of Ramadan. 


The officers, responding to reports that a man had been shot on Thursday
night in a rubber plantation in Narathiwat province, were targeted by one of
two bombs hidden on the route into the area.

In a separate blast in Yala on Thursday, five refuse collectors were wounded, two of them seriously, on their morning rounds when a device hidden in a rubbish bag was detonated.

Around 4,800 people have been killed since rebels launched an uprising in early 2004, according to the latest figures from Deep South Watch, which monitors the conflict in Thailand's three southernmost provinces.

The organisation, which has recorded 73 attacks since the beginning of August, said violence in the Muslim majority south normally intensifies during Ramadan, which ends on Monday.




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