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Jamaica - the birthplace of rap?

Audio 21:35
Laurence Aloir

Bruno Blum is the controversial French author who's brought out a book called Rap Was Born in Jamaica. In the publication, the writer explores the role of DJs and their sound systems in laying the foundations for African American rap artists. World Tracks meets the livewire musician in his home in northern Paris to better understand his arguments.


The World Tracks picks of the month for this New Year 2011 JANUARY are:

1) Asmara’s got soul, Asmara All Stars (Outhere), Eritrea/France.

2) Cesaria Evora &, Cesaria Evora (Lusafrica), Cape Verde.

3) Angola Soundtrack: the Unique Sound of Luanda 1968-1976, Various (Analog Africa), Angola.

4) The Sound of Siam, Thailand various (Soundway), Thailand.

5) Kwegne, Kateyece Fotso (Contre-Jour), Cameroon.

6) Best of Lura, Lura (Lusafrica), Cape Verde.

7) Vividly, Pierre Bensusan (Dadgao Music), Algeria/France.

8) Philharmonics, Agnes Obel (PIAS).

9) Farafinko, Ali Keïta (Contre Jour), Germany/Côte d’Ivoire.

10) Remixed, Luisa Maita (Cumbancha), Brazil.

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