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Actitud Maria Marta and Conversa Ribeira - two trios worlds apart

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Actitud Maria Marta site

In Mexico and Portugal we meet two artists who perform as part of trios that are worlds apart. Brazilian band Conversa Ribeira and  female hip-hopping group Actitud Maria Marta are the focus of a growing number of fans, with the latter finding most of their fanbase in Argentina.


Actitud, founded in 2000, are a whirlwind of militancy and energy.

MCs Karen Pastrana and Malena D'Alessio are living with the legacy of the 1970s military dictatorship that cost the lives of 30,000 people.

One of the dead was D'Alessio's father. She has been using music as a tool of transformation and solidarity amongst people, travelling throughout Latin America and Europe for over a decade.

As for the Brazilian trio, Conversa Ribeira, their music is the fruit of intense research going back to 2002. The group has integrated original compositions with interpretations of works by some of Brazil's greatest composers, such as HeitorVilla Lobos and Milton Nascimento.


Albums played by World Tracks on Radio France Internationale.
1) Laru Beya, Aurelio Martinez (Stonetree Records/Real World), Honduras.
2) Chemsi, Hijaz ((Zephyrus), various, based in Belgium.
3) Bahamas: Goombay 1951-59, compilation (Frémeaux & Associés, Bahamas.
4) Makenba, Majid Bekkas (Sowarex asbl), Morocco.
5) Studio 105, Mayra Andrade (Sony Music), Cape Verde.
6) Tirtha, Vijay Iyer (Act Music), USA/ India.
7) Songs of Freedom, Nguyen Le (Act Music), France/ Vietnam.
8) Efemera, Tulipa Ruiz (Totolo), Brazil.
9) Las 7 Salves de La Magdalena, Raquel Rivera & Ojos de Sofia (self-produced), USA.
10) Cartagena! Curro Fuentes & the Big Band (Soundway), Colombia.

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