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The Sound Kitchen 24 April quiz winners

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Are you one of this week’s lucky winners? Today you’ll hear who won the quiz about the fastest land animal - don’t miss it!


Hello everyone!

We’re going to experiment with our recipes – like all good cooks. Now you’ll hear if you won the quiz on Saturdays, at 5:16 universal time. Tune in on Sundays at 4:22, 5:52 and 7:22 universal time to hear the quiz question … and whatever else is cooking up in the Sound Kitchen.

Today’s quiz question was read on 24 April … and was suggested by the youngest Sound Kitchen listener I know of: nine-year-old Rayaan Ba, who lives in New York.

He requested an animal question, and so I asked you to send in the name of the fastest land animal.

That animal is the cheetah. Cheetahs can run up to 120 kilometres per hour – and can get up to speed in about three seconds – that’s faster than any race car. But he can only keep that speed up for a very short time – about 10 to 15 seconds.

Rayann Ba is of course the top winner this week!

There’s also Mr.Vishal Priya of the Cosmos Radio Club in Muzaffarpur, India, and MN Sentu from Rajshahi, Bangladesh. From Accra, Ghana, Alimou Diallo, and from Nairobi, Kenya, Mr Edmond Muhinzi.

Congratulations, winners!

Cannes Film Festival 2011

This week’s quiz question is about the Cannes film festival. You’ve surely been listening all week to our reports from Laura Angela Bagnetto.

On Sunday night, the jury announced the winners, and my question to you is, who took the top prize? Which film won the Palme d’Or – the Golden Palm – at this year’s Cannes Film Festival?

You have until 27 June to send in your answers; the answer and the winners will be announced on the 3 July programme. 

Send your answers to:
Susan Owensby
Service anglophone
BP 9516
75016 Paris

Send your “This I Believe” essays, your musical requests, your mini book reviews, your community hero essays, your proverbs and your general all-around thoughts to:

All the best,


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