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The joy of bows - the Tokso Folk String Quartet

Audio 10:25
Knut Utler

Tokso Folk String Quartet - four talented musicians from Greece, Norway and France - talk about the joys of composing for each other and why the island of Crete lives and breathes folk music.


Tokso is the Greek name for a bow and that’s what unites these four women.

Kelly Thoma from the Greek island of Crete plays the Cretan lyra – a pear-shaped bowed instrument you play on or between the knees. Anne Hytta from Norway plays the Hardanger fiddle, Sigrun Eng also from Norway plays the cello and Eléonore Billy from France plays a Swedish key fiddle known as the nyckelharpa.

They each bring their own style, culture and musical background to create Tokso’s musical universe: where strings speak as eloquently as the human voice.

The music featured in today’s programme : Rock’n reel, Kassiopeia, Ice Tree and Rand, is taken from the album Tokso Folk String Quartet.

Tolkso Folk String Quartet's official website

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