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Polish Canadian photographer catches unstaged wedding moments with flair

Dagmara Bojenko - photographer
Dagmara Bojenko - photographer Dagmara Bojenko

Dagmara Bojenko was born in Poland, brought up in Canada and now lives in Paris. Her personal experience of immigration has given her a unique perspective on tradition, language and family values. Her skill in catching unexpected, unguarded moments have earned her the Expatriates Magazine 2018 wedding photographer award.


Setting her apart from other photographers is her skill at creating a very personal connection with her clients, who often become friends in the process.

"It takes time to build trust and to feel comfortable. I think that this is essential in telling your story. The more I know you, the better our work together will be," Dagmara told Expatriates Magazine when she won their 2018 wedding photgrapher award.

When it comes to weddings and family events, Dagmara's objective is to surprise her clients, capturing the unstaged moments they didn't even know were happening.

It is perhaps thanks to this approach that Dagmara is one of the photographers invited to participate in the Festival You and Me, an alternative wedding event which started in 2013 and is held in several French cities each year.

The theme for the event in the Marais district of Paris on the 9 and 10 February is 'bohemian style'.

Mariella and Olivier's wedding 2018
Mariella and Olivier's wedding 2018 Dagmara Bojenko

When she's not documenting weddings in France, she turns to her artistic projects, often linked to identity, culture and migration.

Blend of Polish, Quebecois, and anglo-saxon culture

Dagmara discussed her unique style with RFI and why she's interested in getting young people to steer away from 'selfie' culture and embrace photography with all its truth and flaws.

Also passionate about the environment, Dagmara is the co-founder of a website called Le Cri du Zèbre which encourages Parisians to join eco-responsible activities in their neighbourhood.

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