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France ranks 23rd in global competition league but investors praise productivity

A Heuliez travaillent car factory in western France
A Heuliez travaillent car factory in western France AFP/Frank Perry

The World Economic Forum's (WEF) global competitiveness report has ranked France 23rd out of 144 countries. But another report praises the country’s record in innovation and productivity.


The WEF report says it is prevented from ranking France higher due to its public deficit, high taxes and heavy bureaucracy.

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But another study from the official Invest France agency outlines France's strengths.

It says France is a leader in the field of innovation and is very well ranked for its low energy costs and skilled workforce.

Several CEOs of multinational companies with subsidaries in France attended a four-day event in Paris aimed at highlighting the country's competitiveness.

Olof Persson, chairman of Volvo, which employs 12,500 people in France, told RFI the country excels in the field of electromobility and that although salaries are high productivity is very high.

France’s GDP per hour in 2013 was 59.24, placing it sixth in the world.

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