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France - United Kingdom

France warns of high UK terror risk


A terror attack is “highly likely” in Britain, according to the French Foreign Affairs Ministry. In a travel warning posted late Tuesday night, the ministry advises “extreme vigilance” on public transport and at tourist sites in the UK.


The British authorities believe that the risk of attacks is “very high”, the ministry says on its website. There is no equivalent warning for any other western country on its site at the moment.

On Sunday Britain joined the US in warning its nationals that attacks are likely in France and Germany.

French ministers have tried to reassure tourists, while declaring that there is a serious threat to the country.

On Tuesday Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux told the National Assembly that the risk should be neither exaggerated nor underestimated in France and the rest of Europe.

He will discuss the question with other European Union ministers at a meeting in Luxembourg on Thursday, he said.

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