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Kosovo series, part 3/5

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In the tunels of the Trepca mine.
In the tunels of the Trepca mine. FitimSelimi/CC/Wikipedia Commons

Kosovo is a landlocked country with limited resources - with just under half the population living below the poverty line. The Trepca mining complex, in the north near the city of Mitrovica used to be one of Yugoslavia’s largest companies, pumping huge amounts of money into the economy by selling its lead, zinc and silver. Situated on Kosovan territory, experts say Trepca could be the key to get the struggling state on its feet again. However, a political standoff between Serbia and Kosovo over who owns the complex has left the mines and smelters under-funded, under-worked and with outdated machinery. In the third part of RFI’s series on Kosovo, Thomas Lowe looks at the challenges facing Trepca - and the promise it holds for the country’s future.

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