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British triathlete dies after trying to swim the Channel

White Cliffs of Dover, England
White Cliffs of Dover, England Immanuel Giel/CC/Wikimedia

A British man died in a French hospital early on 28 August after falling ill while swimming across the Channel from Dover in southern England, police said.


Nick Thomas, 45 year-old, arrived in the northern port city of Calais shortly before midnight, brought in by a safety boat that was travelling alongside him, a police spokesman said.

His heart had stopped and he was in a state of cardio-respiratory arrest when the emergency services took him to hospital.

Despite attempts to revive him, the man died shortly before 3.00 am.

In July 2013, a British woman in her 30s died in a Boulogne hospital after trying to swim the Channel to raise money for charity.

Each year, between 200 and 300 people try to swim the Channel. It is not allowed from France. The risks for the swimmers and the merchant ships being too high according to French authorities.


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