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Young Italians key to referendum vote

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Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi
Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi Reuters/Remo Casilli

Italians vote on 4 December in a referendum on reforming their Senate. The government says a smaller, weaker, senate will allow for more efficient government while opponents say the reform is badly written and won't solve the problems it's supposed to.


But Prime Minister Renzi has tied his political future to the result, saying he won't continue if his reform is rejected -- as opinion polls have suggested it will be.

41-year-old Renzi is running the country's youngest-ever government, and as the youngest-ever prime minister he has promised to help Italy's young people - up to forty percent of them are unemployed.

But opinion polls suggest they're not happy, with a majority promising to vote 'No'.

RFI's Aidan O'Donnell sat down with some students in Milan to find out how they see the reform.

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