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Why a cloud hangs over the 75th anniversary of the Warsaw ghetto uprising

Aleksandra Leliwa Kopystynska
Aleksandra Leliwa Kopystynska Gulliver Cragg

It is 75 years today since the Warsaw ghetto uprising. On April 19, 1943, the remaining 50,000 Jews in the Warsaw ghetto attacked the Nazis who were preparing to take them to the gas chambers at Treblinka, and held out for a month before they were finally defeated. The uprising became the ultimate emblem of Jewish resistance to the holocaust. Yet a cloud hangs over this anniversary, as Gulliver Cragg reports.


Polish Jews say that the country’s nationalist government has been allowing anti-Semitism to resurface, as he discovered when he spoke to Aleksandra Leliwa Kopystynska, born in 1937. [PR: Leliva] She survived the holocaust and now heads Children of the Holocaust, an association of holocaust survivors.


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