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Britain Parliament

Correspondent's call: Andrew Connelly on unlawful shutdown of British parliament

RFI Correspondent's Call
RFI Correspondent's Call RFI

The British parliament has reopened after a Supreme Court judgement on Tuesday in London ruled that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to shut it down for five weeks was unlawful. The panel of eleven judges unanimously decided that the prorogation prevented parliament from scrutinising the government.Johnson was forced to fly back from the UN General Assembly in New York earlier than planned this morning and will make a statement to the House of Commons later this afternoon amid opposition demands for his resignation. In the last hour the Attorney General said that the government accepted it lost the case but disagreed with the decision.RFI spoke to correspondent Andrew Connolly in London for more about the implications of this latest news. *Broadcast on Paris Live 15h30 (CET)*

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