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Police fear cheese robbery epidemic, as thieves nab 700 kg

Comté cheeses in an affineur's cellear at Fruitière de Fontain
Comté cheeses in an affineur's cellear at Fruitière de Fontain Manuguf/Wikimedia (CC-BY-SA license)

Hungry thieves in eastern France stole 700 kg of cheese from a cheesemakers’ co-operative on Monday night. The victims say they have lost 10,000 euros worth of comté and morbier cheese, according to Le Progrès newspaper.


One of the members of the co-operative, in the Jura region which is known for its distinctive cheese and wine, discovered the theft on Tuesday morning, when he arrived with a delivery of milk.

Police believe that a number of people must have been involved in the theft since the cheeses weigh 40 kg. And they seem to have chosen their get-away vehicle with care, ensuring that it was able to transport the booty.

The co-operative has already been robbed twice, but previously of cash rather than goods.

Police, who are trying to track down the criminals, say that there has recently been a rise in the number of robberies of cheesemakers in the Jura and Doubs region.

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