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Basque separatist publicity stunt goes wrong at Arc de Triomphe

Photo: TwitPic Mohamed Grodem

A Basque separatist supporter was seriously hurt on Friday after falling from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris whilst attempting to abseil down the monument, according to police sources. The man injured was part of a group which unfurled a banner on the monument drawing attention to Jon Anza, a militant who disappeared in April 2009, and whose body was recovered in March in Toulouse.


The banner addressed the ruling Spanish Socialist Workers' Party and France’s governing Union for a Popular Movement, asking “PSOE-UMP, what have you done to Jon Anza?”

However, the publicity stunt went wrong and the demonstrator fell from the famous monument sustaining multiple fractures, although his life was not thought to be in danger.

In total eight people, including the injured demonstrator, were arrested and placed under guard at the police station in the eighth district of Paris.


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