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France to strip nationality from cop-killers


French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced Monday that he will press ahead with plans to strip immigrants of French nationality for attempts on the lives of police officers and other officials. The proposed rule will apply to people who have been French nationals for 10 years or less.


The much-trumpeted change to the law comes despite widespread criticism at home and abroad of the Sarkozy government’s linking of criminality and immigration, which has led to the deportation of thousands of Roma and some tough law and order rhetoric.

Sarkozy has rejected proposals from Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux that the sanction be extended to people found guilty of polygamy, fraud and serving a prison sentence of over five years.

Social security rules are to be tightened to prevent men claiming benefit for several wives.

Naturalised citizens can already lose French nationality for acts against the security of the state, according to a 1927 law, and for acts of “terrorism”, according to a 1996 measure.

A commission is also to be set up to look into the possibility of preventing minors who have been sentenced to prison from becoming French.

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