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Caped cyclist caught on speed camera

A caped and masked cyclist has been picked up by a speed-control radar going over 50 kilometres per hour on a road in north-east France. By Friday afternoon, 403,275 people had watched the video on YouTube.


No one has yet claimed responsibility for the feat. The mystery cyclist, who was flashed on Legay bridge in Belfort, is known only by a few details on his Facebook profile.

“Cape Man” was in the class of 2006 at the Super Hero International Lycée, from which he graduated to Super Hero University, where he studied techniques related to super heroes, management of urban violence and flights over inhabited zones.

He has been a qualified super hero since June and currently works on a voluntary basis, with the motto "Cape Forever".

He remains behind his mask in all the photographs. In one, Cape Man stands atop what looks to be a church statue of a cockerel.

“You know, I’m just a simple super hero who looks out for the security of the residents of Belfort,” he told Le Pays newspaper in a rare interview.


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