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One dead as violent storm hits Nancy, eastern France


At least one person died and three others were injured in a violent storm which swept through the eastern French city of Nancy Monday night leaving in its wake at trail of destruction. 


Rainfall reached record levels with the equivalent of one month’s rain falling in one hour.

On Tuesday morning, rescue workers found the body of an elderly woman in the basement of her home. She is believed to have been trapped by rising floodwaters.

And a fireman was seriously hurt after a collision between a firetruck and a bus. Two passengers were also slightly injured.

Thousands of homes were without electricity during the night, some schools were closed and the public transport system badly disrupted on Tuesday.

Witnesses described scenes of cars being swept away by torrents of water and roads destroyed by mudslides.

The mayor of Nancy, Andre Rossinot, is to ask the government to declare the storm a natural catastrophe.


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